Who's Your Teachers?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

What? Why? Where? And How are you learning?

These have been some pressing questions I have asked myself these days. For a long stretch of my life, I've taken a step back from engaging in this line of inquiry. How do I explain that? To myself, I say it's because life sometimes just needs living. I can overthink pretty much anything and I know even now as I step toward reflecting on this area of life- that experience is the best teacher. Knowing that much, I am pleasantly excited and nervous about examining these questions further. In our current age of online influence, this virtual realm is somewhat of a double edged sword. If you're at all like me, you might feel most comfortable responding to content, but not necessarily putting much out there beyond a photo or limerick. So, if you are reading this, I don't take it lightly that I myself have stepped into the production role, and you may be consuming my content (THANK YOU). I plan on delivering some reflective, personal, and hopefully interesting stuff as I go along.

To illuminate who is producing this content, I will showcase those around me.

As you may have gathered, I want to investigate my own teachers, to begin with, those that are offline, in the flesh, present in my physical world. So as the weeks progress I am going to hunt down some friends, colleagues, and my mentors in order to ask them some pressing questions and share that journey with you. This is a big step I plan on taking in becoming more aware and conscious of what's surrounding me, who are my teachers, and how, what, where am I learning.

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